James Eagen Sons Co. was founded in 1875 as a blacksmith shop by James Eagen. James Eagen settled in northeastern Pennsylvania in the early 1870’s during the construction of the canal systems along the Susquehanna River which is where he learned his trade.

Most of his work was related to the anthracite coal mining industry which was flourishing at the time. Eventually a line of mine supplies was added and Eagen began to manufacture and stock certain tools for the miners.

In the 1930’s stokers were being developed. The design relationship between the drills being made for the miners and stoker worm were very similar. The company found the opportunity and started making stoker worms. This served as a catalyst for the entry into the flight and feedscrew business.

Over the years James Eagen Sons Company has grown and expanded its capabilities to include helicoid, sectional and ribbon screw manufacturing from 3/8″ diameter to 150″ diameter. As the forge and anvil have given way to CNC turning centers, along with numerically controlled burning and forming equipment, James Eagen Sons Company’s quality and ability to handle unique projects continues to set the standards for today.

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